Mission and Function


CCFIA serves as the representative of the mutual interests of all its members, maintaining the legitimate rights of members and long-range interest of industry, to promote healthy development for China canned industry.


1.      To assist the government in making industry plans, industrial policy, laws and regulations, participate in making or revising industry-standard, organize making, revising or releasing industry group standards.

2.      Cooperate to implement national specific action project, organize to recommend projects of major scientific and technological achievements, organize to certificate and popularize the scientific and technological project achievements, reward technological projects, promote energy conservation and pollution reduction, is responsible for quality management and supervision, help companies apply for relevant qualification, deal with industry emergencies, cooperate the industry to deal with international trade disputes and industrial damage investigation.

3.      Carry out industrial or regional economic development major issue and investigate for the government and relevant organizations, propose suggestions on economic policy, laws and regulations, develop industrial cluster, carry out industrial economic analysis, organize to carry out financial consulting services of the industry, collect,analyze,release industrial information, organize talents/technique/professional training, organize industrial forum and exhibition, strengthen the ties with international organizations, engage in economic & technological communication and cooperation.

4.      On behalf of the industry and members to communicate with the government, research, coordinate and reflect common problems of industrial development. Organize and coordinate communication and cooperation for companies.

5.      Make industrial rules and conventions while implement under supervision, regulate industry code of conduct, promote to build fair, justice, healthy market orders.