Walk together shoulder to shoulder, wish prosperous country and well-being in Fujian


Since September 11th, 2021, COVID-19 cases rise again in Putian, Xiamen, Quanzhou of Fujian Province. In the face of the sudden incident, there was swift reaction of the local government, took action of Nucleic acid test, adopted restriction on freedom of movement, reinforced epidemiological investigation and took other measures, trying the best to prevent virus transmission.

Meanwhile, China canned industry and enterprises took quick actions to combat the pandemic. Xiamen Yinlu Group Co. Ltd. donated 3500 cases of beverage. Fujian Tongfa Foods Group Co. Ltd. built testing sites at the first time, cooperated government to complete the second round of Nucleic acid test.

Surmount! Combat the virus! Come on Fujian!

Source from: Secretariat of CCFIA